The Spinster and the Free Maid

The Spinster and the Free Maid

The Fairy Godmother Tales Book 3

Everyone knows a girl trapped in a gingerbread house is meant to kill the witch holding her prisoner—but what if the witch doesn’t stay dead?

When Cassia escaped her childhood prison, she had to leave her sister behind, and no amount of searching has led her back to the gingerbread house. If not for an enchanted bracelet, Cassia might believe she’d dreamed the whole thing.

When Lenore recognizes the bracelet’s magical ability to spin lies, Cassia thinks that the stubborn llama farmer might be the key to finding the gingerbread house, rescuing her sister, and killing the witch for good.

All she has to do in return is help recover Lenore’s stolen spindles.

And convince Lenore to sell one of her llamas to Cassia’s new employer, the duke.

And somehow untangle the lies she’s told to the duke, Lenore, and herself, before her story falls apart and she loses her sister for good.

The Spinster and the Free Maid is a fun, fairytale adventure that blends Twelfth Night with Hansel and Gretel to make something completely new.

Published August 2023

Content Guide

The Fairy Godmother Tales are meant to be fun reads, but I understand some readers may want to know what they’re getting into before they start. Nothing on the list below is particularly gory or graphic.

If there is anything specific you want to know, or if you think there is something else that should be included on this list, please contact me

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